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Daily Link Roundup

So first Dusty Baker had to be corrected on Jay Bruce's injury history and now he's trying to "fix" Joey Votto. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

On Votto: "He needs to swing some more. I talked to him about that. Strikeouts aren't the only criteria. I'd like to see him more aggressive."

"A lot of this on-base percentage is taking away the aggressiveness of some young kids. Most of the time you've got to put handcuffs on a young to keep him from swinging."

By the way, Votto's lack of aggression resulted in a .859 OPS in AAA last season and in 84 at-bats for the Reds an OPS of .908. If the Reds haven't began to regret hiring Baker they will soon, I'm sure of it.

Apparently Andruw Jones is a tad bit hefty.

Billy Beane discusses Carlos Gonzalez and Moneyball.

Pic of the day: Dontrelle Willis pitching in front of the palm trees.

AP Photos

Also does anybody remember Dontrelle's SI cover from a few years back? My how time flies.