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All Playoff Chances Are Still Alive

So your team lost on opening day, don't worry, it really is just another game. To prove that here's a look at the last few World Series teams and how they did on opening day.



Red Sox L (1-7) Rockies L (6-8)
2006 Cardinals W (13-5) Tigers W (3-1)
2005 White Sox W (1-0) Astros L (3-7)
2004 Red Sox L (2-7) Cardinals L (6-8)
2003 Marlins L (5-8) Yankees W (8-4)

World Series teams have went 4-6 over the past five opening days, if nothing else it shows that it's not how you start, but rather how you finish the year, and the likelihood is that a team that lost today could be lifting the World Series trophy come October.