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Daily Roundup

Links of the Day

Pic of the Day: Nothing like opening day at a new park.



100 Words on: Nats v. Braves


Nats' OFer Elijah Dukes had two at-bats, saw two pitches, and produced two outs; that's awfully efficient. Last year Braves’ reliever Peter Moylan didn't lose a game until the Atlanta Braves' 52nd team game. The only position players to have homered in Nationals Park are third basemen; Chipper Jones and Ryan Zimmerman. Cristian Guzman recorded the first hit and Yunel Escobar the first walk, making the first two players to reach shortstops. Escobar also showed off his range with a groundout recorded at deep middle infield.  Chad Cordero missed the game due to stiffness in his elbow while warming up.


 Chess Move to Watch for: Rays manager Joe Maddon producing a lineup that places seven(!) left-handed/switch bats to combat Jeremy Guthrie. Guthrie's  OPS against raises .049 points facing lefties.

Best Pitching Matchup: Roy Oswalt v. Jake Peavy it's on ESPN2 @ 10:05 ET, there's no reason to not watch, unless you simply love offense.

Odalis Perez HE'S STARTING?! Moment: Houston Astros second baseman Tomas Perez