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100 Words: Most Underrated Player

Occasionally I get an email asking about a certain player or situation that isn't huge news, for that I'll attempt to devote a small post to some of the more interesting topics. Feel free to suggest topics by emailing me and we'll see how high these things get in demand. Today we peruse the most underrated player in the league.

Certainly this question is a bit harder to narrow down. A number of names bounced through my head - Troy Tulowitzki included - when I first read it, some were suggested by the emailer: Michael Young and Connor Jackson specifically, both would be on my list. One that I'd add would be Milwaukee right fielder Corey Hart - check this out:

The thing is Hart was better than Soriano last season, yet how many know his name? Of course that's just my opinion, and he's my flavor of the week, so perhaps my glasses have Hart stained images on them.