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Daily Link Roundup

Joe Posnanski with a simply beautiful article, not that it's a rare occurrence for him.

And on the other side of the spectrum, this. What the heck does this even mean:

Hal (or Smitty or Shecky or whatever the computer's name is) and I pretty much agree about the Cubs, which, given my track record on predictions, should make Hal/Smitty/Shecky do a lot of soul-searching, which is impossible because it doesn't have a soul, just an evil chip that makes it want to mate with Marie Osmond and produce robots that sing show tunes.

The great Cyril Morong on homeruns and contact rates.

Luckily for the baseball community and mankind in general, Keith Law is alive.

Finally, the Corey Hart love continues with John Sickels.

Pic of the day: Joey Gathright, out at home.