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100 Words: Mike Piazza

Occasionally I get an email asking about a certain player or situation that isn't huge news, for that I'll attempt to devote a small post to some of the more interesting topics. Feel free to suggest topics by emailing me and we'll see how high these things get in demand. We begin with Mike Piazza's prospects of landing an American job.

He's close to done. I'd love to argue that last year was a complete fluke and some American League team, like the Rays for instance, should give him a look-see, but there's a very good chance it wouldn't be rewarding. Piazza's OBP and SLG fell considerably, which is odd when you consider he was still getting enough hits to maintain a pretty good average. He struck out more and walked less - suggesting that he was pressing, and of course injuries didn't help much, but if Piazza isn't walking and hitting, he's simply not valuable anymore as a DH only.