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Positional Preview: Designated Hitter

To wrap up our positional previews we look at the only position that has nothing to do for half of the game; the designated hitters. We only have 13 designated hitters who had more than 200 at-bats, those are; Huff, Ortiz, Vidro, Hafner, Thomas, Sheffield, Thome, Sosa, Butler, Piazza, Sweeney, Giambi, Norton - not sorted by OPS, obviously given Vidro's spot.

To put it simply; the average DH had an OPS of .801, which is third amongst all positions behind first base, right field, and slightly above left field. It seemed like most positions had about 15-20 players who were above the curve, which raises the question: would the league provide a more even playing field if there were only 20 teams, the obvious answer is yes, but I question just how good the product on the field would be. I believe it was J.C. Bradbury who - for one I am now over my mentions of in a single week - and next said if the league were full of Barry Bonds or Pedro Martinez their special accomplishments wouldn't be nearly as special.

I'm really not sure what my point is bringing that up, but as I mentioned before I had been tracking to see just how evenly the talent was spread out over each position.