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Quick UZR/PMR Comparison

Now that FanGraphs is publishing MGL's UZR, I wanted to see how the 2008 results compared to David Pinto's PMR (which I converted to runs here).

I ran a quick correlation for each position containing the players qualified according to PMR - those who were on the field for at least 1000 balls in play.


Position Correlation
Pitcher NA
Catcher NA
First Baseman 0.71501645
Second Baseman 0.58129407
Third Baseman 0.62672569
Shortstop 0.68798239
Left Fielder 0.74839581
Center Fielder 0.52849967
Right Fielder 0.80255003

There were definitely some issues in center field, and to a lesser extent 2B.  The two systems had a high level of agreement in the corner OF positions. 

The 10 biggest disagreements were:


Player Position PMR UZR Diff
Akinori Iwamura 2B -17.25 0.6 17.85
Pedro Feliz 3B -10.19 7.2 17.39
Troy Glaus 3B -13.85 3.3 17.15
Edgar Renteria SS -16.14 0.9 17.04
Jose Reyes SS -18.21 -1.5 16.71
Brad Hawpe RF -21.64 -37.2 15.56
Melvin Mora 3B -17.81 -3 14.81
Torii Hunter CF 4.81 -9.8 14.61
Dan Uggla 2B 14.85 0.3 14.55
Bobby Abreu RF -11.45 -25.2 13.75

Both PMR and UZR were calculated using the Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) data set this season.  I wonder if David or MGL might be able to give some ideas as to where the differences might come from.