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UZR Now on FanGraphs

Yes, Ultimate Zone Rating is now available at FG, and even on the leaderboards. Beyond handy. Say you wanted to see who ranked as the best fielders in baseball last year, all you have to do is select the position and boom, here's your results:


Pos Player UZR/150
LF Crawford 28.6
2B Utley 19.8
RF Winn 18.9
3B Lowell 18.5
3B Longoria 17.7
2B Ellis 17.7
CF Gomez 17
3B Beltre 16.1
2B Phillips 14.5
RF Fukudome 13.4


- Crawford had a really good defensive season despite offensive shortcomings.

- Utley is a monster at second, anytime you can finish ahead of Ellis and Phillips is worthy of praise.

- The two best defensive third basemen are in the American League East.  Adrian Beltre isn't too far off.

- Winn doesn't get enough love.

- Gomez is going to be better than Torii Hunter ever was defensively.

- Fukudome in center is something the Cubs should consider.