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BTB Signs Two

I'd like to officially welcome two new writers to the site.

Harry Pavlidis is known for his excellent work on CubsFx and contributed to the new THT annual. As you may have guessed: he's a PitchFx demigod. Chris Quick is the mind behind BayCityBall, and creates some extremely pretty graphs with statistics and PitchFx data.

We're very excited about both additions, but we're not quite done yet. We're looking for someone willing to find and link to articles or posts around the internet in either the Fanshots section or as part of a daily post (perhaps a mixture, "best of links" post and the rest in the fanshots?)  We're opening this up to everyone, so if you're interest pleased email me (listed at the bottom of the page.)

Also, I want to extend an early happy holidays wish to everyone.