Here we go again, this year's HOF voting

• Harold Baines
• Jay Bell
• Bert Blyleven
• David Cone
• Andre Dawson
• Ron Gant
• Mark Grace
• Rickey Henderson
• Tommy John
• Don Mattingly
• Mark McGwire
• Jack Morris
• Dale Murphy
• Jesse Orosco
• Dave Parker
• Dan Plesac
• Tim Raines
• Jim Rice
• Lee Smith
• Alan Trammell
• Greg Vaughn
• Mo Vaughn
• Matt Williams

Here we go again, let's see how many idiots vote for Dan Plesac this year?

Ricky is a obvious no-brainer, Big-Mac would be too if wasn't for that which shall not be named.

Amoung others, Raines / Blyleven should be in but would likely take awhile.

Jim Rice will get in... is there really that much of a difference between him and Parker / Murphy / Baines / Vaugh ? hell I'd take TJ / Smith / Trammell if Rice is in.



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