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This Doesn't Even Make Sense (Pt. 2)

[Ed: The salary for Ramirez didn't come out until after this post, it's 1.8 mil for Ramirez. Ugh, why?)

Today's adventures in Kansas City involves three reliever signing.

The cheap, and potentially good signing

Doug Waecther.

The awful and unacceptable signings:

Kyle Farnsworth



How can a team that understands the usage of cheap bullpen parts give Farnsworth two years and more than 4 million annually? Marcels has his FIP at 4.8. That's below replacement level for relievers. He should be paying the Royals to pitch in the 60 or so  innings he gets.


Originally I had Horacio as a "cheap, and potentially good signing" there's some question as to why. Here's the short list:

- Cheap (note: this obviously changed...) even if he did suck, they could ditch him with little lost costs.

- Win curve: the Royals are probably around 75-80 wins, plugging Ramirez into some non-high leverage innings probably doesn't make too much of a difference whether he's the "good" Ramirez or the "bad" Ramirez.

- Trade: last season Ramirez found success with the Royals and they dumped him for a minor leaguer. On the off chance that Ramirez has another mildly attractive first half, perhaps they can ditch him for another minor leaguer. He's unlikely to fetch anything of value, but you never know.