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Giants Sign Josh Phelps, Wait, What?

Yes, the Giants. I must say, I'm impressed, assuming they're serious about having him compete for their first base job, and since the deal involves an invite to spring training, I think they might be. In the last few seasons Phelps has torn up Triple-A pitching, and has prior major league success, including finishing sixth in the 2002 Rookie of the Year voting. Fun factoid about that award: the winner, Eric Hinske, was not only Phelps teammate in Toronto, but I suppose could end up his teammate in San Francisco if the Giants want a platoon at first.

Currently the Giants first base stable includes John Bowker (who was awful last season), Pablo Sandoval, Travis Ishikawa, and Dan Ortmeier. Rich Aurillia is a free agent, and almost definitely will not return after this. Sandoval played the infield corners as well as caught and Ishikawa's bat was a touch below league average, as a first baseman that's not too good.


Some other free talent updates:

- Florida Marlins claim LHP Dan Meyer off waivers from Oakland.

Amazingly it was only four years ago when Meyer was traded from Atlanta to Oakland for Tim Hudson. At the time Meyer looked like the crown jewel of the return, but injuries delayed the lefty's ascent. Now 27 Meyer has logged less than 50 innings in the majors, but to his credit, has managed more than 200 minor league innings the past two seasons.

- Toronto Blue Jays claim SS Angel Sanchez from Kansas City, and RHP Kelvin Jimenez from St. Louis.

J.P. Ricciardi is running a monopoly on no-hit infielders. Jimenez has gotten more than 50% grounders at each of his last few stops except his major league stints. Toronto now sits at 39 players on their 40 man, perhaps there's something else at work, otherwise the Jays will enter next season with the following middle infielders:

- Russ Adams

- Jose Bautista

- Aaron Hill

- Joe Inglett

- John McDonald

- Angel Sanchez

- Marco Scutaro

Someone has to go.