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Thank You, BtB Readers

There are much more important things to be thankful for today than anything baseball related, but the crew at Beyond The Box Score -- RJ, Peter, Dan, and me -- want to thank everyone reading this for being a part of our growing community.  Over the past few months we've gone from a few comments per article (mostly from RJ and Peter) to fifty not being uncommon.  We've tripled our visits and quadrupled our page views, already topping the 100,000 mark in November.  And we continue to build relationships with other websites.  So, thanks.

Going forward, we have a lot of ideas to keep things exciting and smart.  But we'd love to have your feedback.  What do you really like about BtB?  What would you liked changed?  What features can we add?  We're open to anything and everything.  Fire away!