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Reader Input: The Most Sabermetric NL Team Blogs

I asked a couple days ago for readers to suggest sabermetrically-inclined blogs about individual American League teams, and the response was solid.  I learned of a few new blogs and was reminded of a few I haven't checked out in a while.  But not even two-thirds of teams were mentioned, so feel free to keep making suggestions.

Today I'm going to ask the same question, but for National League teams.  Which team-specific blogs aren't afraid to post tables of marginal player value or rant against results-based analysis in favor of underlying skills?  Which blogs post tables more often than pictures?  Which blogs, after a trade or a free agent signing goes down, do you check out first for the type of analysis you won't get from mainstream websites or fanboy blogs?

Feel free to pimp your own blog or comment on others, but let's keep this as positive as possible, and not put down blogs or authors.  If there's any consensus on really good sabermetric team blogs or if I find blogs that I really like, I'll post a summary list of recommendations.

**For the record, I'm not saying that blogs that don't lean sabermetric are bad or uninteresting blogs.**