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Reader Input: The Most Sabermetric AL Team Blogs

I like reading about baseball, especially from bloggers who really know their own team.  But as a guy who's into the sabermetric point of view, it can be frustrating to wade through a lot of team-specific blogs to find the one I want to read.  So, I need your help.

For the American League teams, please share what you think are the best sabermetric-oriented team blogs.  You know, stuff like USSMariner and Lookout Landing -- sites that will use phrases like "wins above replacement" and "fielding-independent pitching", and that will post tables with numbers without first apologizing.

Feel free to pimp your own blog or comment on others, but let's keep this as positive as possible, and not put down blogs or authors.  If there's any consensus on really good sabermetric team blogs or if I find blogs that I really like, I'll post a summary list of recommendations.  And I'll put up a National League post in a day or two.

**For the record, I'm not saying that blogs that don't lean sabermetric are bad or uninteresting blogs.**