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Florida Trades Willingham, Olsen to Nationals

Per The Florida Marlins have traded LF Josh Willingham and SP Scott Olsen to the Washington Nationals for INF Emilio Bonifacio, P Philip Dean, and SS Jake Smolinski.

Olsen is not very good, back-to-back years of tRA* over five. Reduced swinging strike rates and decreased groundball rates have sparked a decrease in production from the young southpaw. Willingham is a patient hitter capable of mid-.800 OPS, but an iffy defender in either corner. In fact, I'm really not sure what this means for the Nationals current crop of outfielders, including Elijah Dukes and Lastings Milledge, both acquired around this time last year. I suppose Austin Kearns (and or) Willy Mo Pena are more likely to be moved.

The Marlins get three younger players, including Bonifacio, who was just acquired last July for Jon Rauch. He's seemingly a solid defender, but worse offensively than incumbent second baseman Dan Uggla by a longshot. Dean and Smolinski are a few seasons away, and frankly I don't know enough about either to comment with any degree of accuracy.