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Quiz: Who Was More Productive In 2008?

Below are listed 31 pairs of players.  Your job is simply to decide if Player A was more valuable by at least ten runs, Player B was more valuable by at least ten runs, or if the two players were equal in production (within five runs).  On your answer sheet, simply put an A, B, or E.

For the record, I'm using Justin's TotalValue ratings, which incorporate park-adjusted linear weights, league-adjusted replacement level, positional adjustments, and combined STATS and BIS zone ratings converted to runs.

Pair # Player A Player B
1 Carlos Lee Jason Kendall
2 Scott Rolen Miguel Cabrera
3 Derek Jeter Denard Span
4 David Ortiz Nelson Cruz
5 JD Drew Mark Ellis
6 Adrian Beltre Josh Hamilton
7 Juan Pierre Todd Helton
8 Nate McLouth Cody Ross
9 BJ Upton Torii Hunter
10 Brian Giles Matt Holliday
11 Carlos Gomez Orlando Cabrera
12 Dioner Navarro Jose Lopez
13 Derrek Lee Rick Ankiel
14 Justin Upton Endy Chavez
15 Jacoby Ellsbury Adam Jones
16 Ichiro Suzuki Carlos Quentin
17 Adam Dunn Mike Cameron
18 JJ Hardy Russell Martin
19 Jose Vidro Wladimir Balentien
20 Raul Ibanez Franklin Gutierrez
21 Christian Guzman Ty Wigginton
22 Pat Burrell Stephen Drew
23 Shane Victorino Aramis Ramirez
24 Aaron Rowand Willy Taveras
25 Khalil Greene Garret Atkins
26 Andre Ethier Manny Ramirez
27 Chone Figgins Jack Cust
28 Ryan Braun Geovany Soto
29 Gary Sheffield Brendan Harris
30 Akinori Iwamura Bobby Abreu
31 Carlos Beltran David Wright

Answers are in the comments.  Feel free to leave your score or the player pair that you're most surprised about it.