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Mike Jacobs Traded for Leo Nunez

Now official.

On the Marlins side, well congratulations guys, you just got a nice reliever. A bit of a groundballer who gets an average amount of swinging strikes. Nunez throws hard and does not have any shining flaws. Worst case: his tRA regresses towards 4 rather than low 3's next season. Florida is savvy enough to plug someone like Jorge Cantu in at first and replace Jacobs at no cost.

Um, Kansas City, why? Mike Jacobs has an awful OBP, provides some good power, but is not good defensively. He's posted back-to-back .338 wOBAs which compares favorably to Ross Gload's .339 wOBA in 2007. Why do I get the feeling that comparison was a big reason why the Royals made this move? And where does this leave Ryan Shealy and Kila Ka'aihue?