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Update on the M's General Manager Search

From the Seattle Times we get the following names:

That list could include Kim Ng of the Dodgers, Rick Hahn of the White Sox, Tony LaCava of the Blue Jays, David Forst of the A's, Peter Woodfork of the Diamondbacks, Dan Jennings of Florida, Al Avila of Detroit, Jed Hoyer of the Red Sox and Tony Bernazard of the Mets. Two other names to tuck away: Jack Zduriencik, who directs amateur scouting for the Brewers, and Jerry DiPoto, director of player personnel for the Diamondbacks.

As well as John Hart, Bob Engle, and Randy Smith (!).  I mentioned Forst, Zduriencik, Ng, and LaCava in my initial post on the topic days after Bill Bavasi was dismissed. Of the names listed Hahn, Forst, and Hoyer are known as sabermetric types with Hoyer having GM experience (albeit in a cooperative manner) and the former two potentially possessing first dibs on their current teams -- when/if Billy Beane moves up in the organization and Kenny Williams contract expires.

Dan Jennings is an interesting pick. His previous experience includes serving as the scouting director of the (then) Devil Rays from 1998 through 2002. During that time Jennings made such non-first-round-picks as Aubrey Huff (5th round, 1998), Carl Crawford (2nd round, 1999), Seth McClung (5th round, 1999), James Shields (16th round, 2000), Nick Blackburn (34th round, 2000), David Bush (4th round, 2001), Jonny Gomes (18th round, 2001), Jason Hammel (19th round, 2001), Joey Gathright (32nd round, 2001), Chad Gaudin (34th round, 2001), Elijah Dukes (3rd round, 2002), and Mike Pelfrey (15th round, 2002).

To put that into perspective: Jennings found at least 10 useful major leaguers within a decade from rounds 15 on; since 1998 the Mariners have had three players chosen later than the 15th that are still active in the majors, with no performance restrictions: David Purcey, Rich Harden, and John Rheinecker. Obviously it wasn't all Jennings, and you could probably do this with any of the others on the list who were in position of power.

Whether Jennings could replicate that type of success or not is doubtful, but at least the Mariners are seemingly moving away from rehires and that's quite encouraging.  Now watch them hire Randy Smith.