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Sign Mark Ellis!

Every single team can benefit from signing Mark Ellis. Don't believe me?




Arizona - Orlando Hudson is a free agent and the D-Backs have one of the best pitching staffs in the league, why not boost that defense up a level?

Atlanta - Walt Weiss began his career in Oakland and finished in Atlanta. Ellis is not Walt Weiss, but that's not important.

Baltimore - Could fill the shortstop gap and allow Brandon Fahey to do what he does best: act like a bird.

Boston - Theo Epstein enjoys everyone else's pain and signs Ellis to make baseball's best team even better.

Chicago AL - With Alexei Ramirez moving to short the White Sox will need some defensive help up the middle.

Chicago NL - Can he really be worse than Mark DeRosa or Ryan Theriot?

Cincinnati - See Bendix's piece, circa last week.

Cleveland - See Bendix's dreams, circa last week.

Colorado - Call it the Kazuo Matsui effect.

Detroit - To replace Edgar Renteria.

Florida - Because apparently trading Dan Uggla is a possibility.

Houston - Ed Wade loves middle relievers and infielders.

Kansas City - The Royals are due for another former Athletic.

Los Angeles of Anaheim - Taking a nice piece from a division rival never hurts.

Los Angeles - Blake Dewitt moves back to third and Ellis takes over at second.

Milwaukee - Because one starting second baseman is better than two.

Minnesota - He reminds them of a poor man's Nick Punto, when really it's the other way around.

New York AL - To replace the dealt Robbie Cano.

New York NL - Because somehow they'll miss out on Orlando Hudson.

Oakland - Billy Beane should be able to hold onto one of "his guys".

Philadelphia - Chase Utley gets tired, sometimes?

Pittsburgh - Why not?

San Diego - Paul DePodesta and company have to know how undervalued Ellis is, and how nice he would look in their uniforms.

San Francisco - Brian Sabean decides he wants a veteran and doesn't need that second round pick anyways.

St. Louis - Adam Kennedy part two? Not so much.

Tampa Bay - Second base is one of the few positions the Rays can upgrade that won't have a stud prospect blocked for at least a few years.

Texas - Ian Kinsler is the better hitter but his glove loves something to be desired.

Toronto - Because J.P. Ricciardi does not have enough talented middle infielders all ready and could use Ellis to move Aaron Hill for another bat.

Washington - Not only can Ellis raise TV ratings, but he's got enough range to help the new president decide on national defense matters while he works on the Nationals' defense.