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FIP+ Coming Sooner Than Expected

Good news: it appears we have 2008 FIP+ data (league and park adjusted) ready to go. That will be provided very soon, at this point we're just double checking everything to ensure no corrections need to be made following release. "Who's we?" Well, I owe a huge thanks to Ryan Glass, a co-writer from DRB, his spreadsheet/data wizardry saved me numerous (see: life) hours in this process. Without Glass this post either does not happen or is delayed for quite a while, so thanks again Ryan.

Okay, so by somewhat popular response I decided to continue steering this FIP+ ship onwards. The premise is simple: a park and league adjusted fielding independent run average with a simple and easily understandable scale: 100 being league average, the higher above 100 the better, and the lower the worse. The methodology was exactly what you imagine it was: finding league average, using 411's three year park factors and doing voodoo in Excel to make them all come together (Glass).

So yeah, coming soon. Sorry for being a tease.