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Reminder: Carlos Beltran's 2004 Post-Season Was Bananas

B.J. Upton hit his fifth post-season homerun early today. Someone on DRB asked how it compared to Carlos Beltran's insane post-season tear, and here's how they stacked up entering today, so minus the homerun:

Beltran 04 NLDS: .455/.500/1.091 4 HRs

Beltran 04 NLCS: .417/.563/.958 4 HRs

Upton 08 ALDS: .278/.316/.889 3 HRs

Upton 08 ALCS: .250/.300/.625 1 HR

So despite Upton having a .889 (!) slugging he doesn't come within .100 points of Beltran's slugging in 2004. That's just ridiculous.


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