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Albert Pujols Approved By You As 2008 NL MVP

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Voting is now closed on the 2008 National League MVP, and you all voted Albert Pujols the winner by a huge margin.  242 readers approved of Pujols winning the award, with Lance Berkman second at 93 votes, and Chase Utley third at 70 votes.  Unfortunately, PollDaddy doesn't count the number of ballots submitted, only the total number of votes cast, so I can't tell you what percentage of voters listed Pujols on their ballots.  But given the the number of responses to other polls, I'm estimating his approval rate at about 80%, given 300 ballots submitted.

Here are the total votes for everyone listed on the ballot and their estimated approval percentage.  You all are a pretty smart crowd.  (Note that I accidentally left Ryan Howard off the ballot and there was just a bit Ryan Braun rick-rolling from BrewCrewBall.)

Player Votes Approval
Albert Pujols 242 81%
Lance Berkman 93 31%
Chase Utley 70 23%
Ryan Braun 64 21%
Hanley Ramirez 57 19%
David Wright 52 17%
Chipper Jones 50 17%
Carlos Beltran 49 16%
Manny Ramirez 26 9%
Geovany Soto 26 9%
Matt Holliday 25 8%
Carlos Delgado 17 6%
Aramis Ramirez 16 5%
Pat Burrell 13 4%
Jose Reyes 10 3%
Brian McCann 10 3%
Russell Martin 8 3%
Ryan Ludwick 7 2%
Brian Giles 7 2%
Carlos Lee 5 2%
Dan Uggla 4 1%