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Ryan Braun Breaks Rookie Slugging Record and Jimmy Rollins Makes History

After today's game, he finishes at .634 to break the record for Slugging Pct in a season by a rookie with 100+ games (see link below for more details). He also finished with 492 plate appearances, 10 short of qualifying for the league lead. But if he is charged with 10 ABs, his SLG would be 286/461 = .620. That is still higher than the .618 that McGwire had in 1987, which is the record for players qualifying for the league lead. To see a list of the best rookie SLGs for qualifiers go to

If you look at that list, it is very illustrious. Braun should have a pretty good career. With Fielder, that will be a great one two righty/lefty punch.

Rollins hit his 20th triple to become the 4th player to have 20+ in 2Bs, 3Bs, HRs, and SBs in one season. He joins Curtis Granderson (this year), Willie Mays (1957) and Frank Schulte of the Cubs (1911).