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BTB Awards Week 25

Program Note  

Next week's Awards will be late, probably Wednesday due to my having a 4 day weekend in Michigan, coming back late on Monday. It will be the year-end extravaganza with official season awards being handed out.

If you are new to the awards, see Week 1's column to see the award definitions.

This Week's Proof That Assigning Wins and Losses to a Pitcher is a Silly Practice that Must Stop

Bad Luck Division

This one comes courtesy of Peter Sherwood, who points out that Adam Wainwright did everything in his power to win on Wednesday, giving the Cards 8 innings of one run ball. He even drove in one of the two St Louis runs on the day but he walked away with a no decision because of the comically bad lineup they threw out there with Scott Spiezio batting cleanup and Miguel Cairo and Skip Schumaker following him. There was no Albert Pujols to be found and Wainwright was doomed from the start.

Good Luck Division

On Saturday, Radhames Liz and Edison Volquez combined for 11 runs in 8 and a third and both came away with no decisions because neither team could get anybody out. The loss ended up going to Wes Littleton, who allowed 4 in an inning and a third of relief.

Vulture Division

Here's another one courtesy of Mr Sherwood. Brad Lidge (also on Wednesday) blew a two run lead in the ninth, but Matt Wise of the Brewers gifted him a W by allowing a run in the bottom of the 10th.

Holds Suck Too

Friday night, Leo Nunez got both a blown save and a hold in the same game.

The Wes Littleton They Call that a Save? Award

It demonstrates the ridiculousness of the save rule as it is currently constructed, but I also have something to compliment here. On Sunday night, Raphael Betancourt came into the game for the Indians in the 8th inning with two on and two out and got Nick Swisher to strike out before pitching a perfect 9th for a 4 run save. Now I don't think that should be counted as a save, but I do appreciate the fact that the Indians didn't use their regular "closer" Joe Borowski in the situation. I put closer in quotes because Betancourt is three times the pitcher that Borowski could ever think about being. Borowski, with 43 saves, a 1.41 WHIP, and a 4.96, is living proof that you don't really have to be special to post special save totals. The Indians have done a good job this season of assigning higher leverage situations to Betancourt, who has been dominating

The Rico Brogna Award

Melky Cabrera drove in 8 runs in 21 at bats despite hitting a limp .238/.292/.238

Season to Date: Jeff Francoeur is now over the Joe Carter line at 101 RBI on the year. Nevertheless, he's only hitting .290/.335/.432 as a starting right fielder.

PS, I feel bad about not saying this earlier, but thank you Mike. The world needs to hear the truth.

The Harmon Killebrew Batting Average is for Wussies Award

Jack Cust is just going to alternate weeks where he wins this award and the Balboni and I think he'll be alright with that. He posted a pedestrian .238, but 7 walks and 3 home runs in 21 at bats gets you to 1.143 OPS.

Season as a whole: Adam Dunn is hitting .264, but with 101 walks and 40 home runs for a 940 OPS.

The Rey Sanchez Batting Average is all I've Got Award

Michael Young hit .300 on the week, but went without an extra base hit for a .300/.323/.300 line. His slugging is down to .413 on the season, his worst since his pre-breakout .262/.308/.382 in '02.

Season: Delmon Young is going to win this thing with his .294/.322/.418 line. He's coming close to giving Francoeur some competition with his 93 RBI.

The Steve Balboni Award

Jayson Werth smoked a pair of triples, a home run, he drew 5 walks, and was 2 for 2 stealing bases, but his 13 strikeouts led the Majors, bringing him down to .179/.303/.429.

Leader: Jonny Gomes only has 335 AB this season, but he has 118 K's, contributing to his .248/.322/.460 season. 19 doubles, 16 homers, and 31 walks are nice, but the strikeouts erode the batting average enough to make him a marginal value this season.

3 True Outcomes Alert!!!

Ryan Howard outdid himself. 36 plate appearances, 4 home runs, 12 walks, 11 K.

Leader: Howard has put some distance between himself and the pack. 42 HR, 103 BB, and 195 K in 623 PA.

This Week's Completely Made Up Award

The Fugly Award goes to these awful, ugly uniforms. Please look at these uniforms before you okay them for "throwback" specials.

This Week's MVP

AL: Josh Fields was out of his mind this week, hitting .524/.615/1.190. He collected 3 doubles, a triple, three home runs, and five walks in 21 at bats.

Season: ARod update: .310/.416/.637, 52 HR, 90 BB

NL: I mentioned Ryan Howard before. The Burly One Pwned the week with a .348/.583/.913 line.

Season: David Wright remains the choice at .321/.414/.551. He now has 71 extra base hits and 91 walks.

Here's Where You Come In

I need your help. Please drop me a line nominate players for awards maybe entire team for awards. Make up your own award. Point out something stupid that your local color commentator said during a recent game. I can only watch so much baseball in a week, even with the miracle of MLB.TV. I have to use you as a crutch.