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There's No End to the Minor Leagues

I've been tinkering with some historical minor league stats recently. There's only so much readily out there; for the most part, you're looking at career stats for active players. As I discovered, that's plenty right there.

For reference, there are roughly 200 affiliated minor league teams out there. More if you count the Dominican Summer League, more still if you count the Mexican League, which is technically Triple-A, but doesn't really function that way. Then there are the independent league teams, everywhere from Reno to Fargo to Elmira, which add another 100 or so in any given year.

But, for those of us who do things like keep giant databases, the numbers are even bigger still. Minor league franchises are constantly moving, changing, folding, and simply renaming themselves to make my life a little bit more complicated. Long story short, there are over seven hundred non-MLB teams that at least one active MLB or MILB player has played on. That counts everything from the affiliated minors to indy leagues to foreign leagues such as those in Japan and Taiwan.

Below the jump, you'll find the full list. I put it below the jump, because if this list was above the jump, I'd probably break something.

Appleton         MDW     A
Battle Creek     MDW     A
Beloit           MDW     A
Burlington       MDW     A
Cedar Rapids     MDW     A
Clinton          MDW     A
Dayton           MDW     A
Ft Wayne         MDW     A
Kane County      MDW     A
Kenosha          MDW     A
Lansing          MDW     A
Madison          MDW     A
Michigan         MDW     A
Peoria           MDW     A
Quad Cities      MDW     A
Rockford         MDW     A
South Bend       MDW     A
Springfield      MDW     A
Sw Michigan      MDW     A
W Michigan       MDW     A
Waterloo         MDW     A
Wausau           MDW     A
Wisconsin        MDW     A
Albany           SAL     A
Asheville        SAL     A
Augusta          SAL     A
Cap City         SAL     A
Cape Fear        SAL     A
Charl SC         SAL     A
Charl WV         SAL     A
Columbia         SAL     A
Columbus         SAL     A
Delmarva         SAL     A
Fayettevlle      SAL     A
Florence         SAL     A
Gastonia         SAL     A
Greensboro       SAL     A
Greenville       SAL     A
Hagerstown       SAL     A
Hickory          SAL     A
Kannapolis       SAL     A
Lake Cty         SAL     A
Lakewood         SAL     A
Lexington        SAL     A
Macon            SAL     A
Myrtle Bch       SAL     A
Piedmont         SAL     A
Rome             SAL     A
Savannah         SAL     A
Spartanburg      SAL     A
Sth Georgia      SAL     A
Sumter           SAL     A
W Virginia       SAL     A
Wilmington       SAL     A
Bakersfield      CAL     A+
Central Val      CAL     A+
Fresno           CAL     A+
High Desert      CAL     A+
Inl. Empire      CAL     A+
Lake Elsinore    CAL     A+
Lancaster        CAL     A+
Modesto          CAL     A+
Mudville         CAL     A+
Palm Sprngs      CAL     A+
Rancho Cuca      CAL     A+
Riverside        CAL     A+
Salinas          CAL     A+
San Bernardino   CAL     A+
San Jose         CAL     A+
Stockton         CAL     A+
Ventura          CAL     A+
Visalia          CAL     A+
Danville         CAR     A+
Durham           CAR     A+
Frederick        CAR     A+
Hagerstown       CAR     A+
Kinston          CAR     A+
Lynchburg        CAR     A+
Myrtle Bch       CAR     A+
Peninsula        CAR     A+
Potomac          CAR     A+
Pr William       CAR     A+
Salem            CAR     A+
Wilmington       CAR     A+
Winston-Sal      CAR     A+
Baseball Cy      FSL     A+
Brevard Cty      FSL     A+
Charlotte        FSL     A+
Clearwater       FSL     A+
Daytona          FSL     A+
Daytona Bch      FSL     A+
Dunedin          FSL     A+
Ft Laud          FSL     A+
Ft Myers         FSL     A+
Jupiter          FSL     A+
Kissimmee        FSL     A+
Lakeland         FSL     A+
Miami            FSL     A+
Osceola          FSL     A+
Palm Beach       FSL     A+
Sarasota         FSL     A+
St Lucie         FSL     A+
St Pete          FSL     A+
Tampa            FSL     A+
Vero Beach       FSL     A+
Winter Havn      FSL     A+
Wst Plm Bch      FSL     A+
Akron            EL      AA
Albany           EL      AA
Altoona          EL      AA
Binghamton       EL      AA
Bowie            EL      AA
Cant-Akron       EL      AA
Connecticut      EL      AA
Erie             EL      AA
Glens Falls      EL      AA
Hagerstown       EL      AA
Harrisburg       EL      AA
London           EL      AA
Lynchburg        EL      AA
N Hampshire      EL      AA
Nashua           EL      AA
New Britain      EL      AA
New Haven        EL      AA
Norwich          EL      AA
Pittsfield       EL      AA
Portland         EL      AA
Reading          EL      AA
Trenton          EL      AA
Vermont          EL      AA
Williamsport     EL      AA
Birmingham       SL      AA
Carolina         SL      AA
Chattanooga      SL      AA
Columbus         SL      AA
Greenville       SL      AA
Huntsville       SL      AA
Jacksnville      SL      AA
Knoxville        SL      AA
Memphis          SL      AA
Mississippi      SL      AA
Mobile           SL      AA
Montgomery       SL      AA
Nashville        SL      AA
Orlando          SL      AA
Port City        SL      AA
Tennessee        SL      AA
West Tenn        SL      AA
Arkansas         TEX     AA
Beaumont         TEX     AA
Cor Christi      TEX     AA
El Paso          TEX     AA
Frisco           TEX     AA
Jackson          TEX     AA
Midland          TEX     AA
Round Rock       TEX     AA
San Antonio      TEX     AA
Shreveport       TEX     AA
Springfield      TEX     AA
Tulsa            TEX     AA
Wichita          TEX     AA
Buffalo          AA      AAA
Denver           AA      AAA
Indianapolis     AA      AAA
Iowa             AA      AAA
Louisville       AA      AAA
Nashville        AA      AAA
New Orleans      AA      AAA
Okla City        AA      AAA
Omaha            AA      AAA
Buffalo          INT     AAA
Charlotte        INT     AAA
Columbus         INT     AAA
Durham           INT     AAA
Indy             INT     AAA
Iowa             INT     AAA
Louisville       INT     AAA
Norfolk          INT     AAA
Ottawa           INT     AAA
Pawtucket        INT     AAA
Richmond         INT     AAA
Rochester        INT     AAA
Scr-WB           INT     AAA
Syracuse         INT     AAA
Tidewater        INT     AAA
Toledo           INT     AAA
Albuquerque      PCL     AAA
Calgary          PCL     AAA
Col Sprngs       PCL     AAA
Edmonton         PCL     AAA
Fresno           PCL     AAA
Hawaii           PCL     AAA
Iowa             PCL     AAA
Las Vegas        PCL     AAA
Memphis          PCL     AAA
Nashville        PCL     AAA
New Orleans      PCL     AAA
Oklahoma         PCL     AAA
Omaha            PCL     AAA
Phoenix          PCL     AAA
Portland         PCL     AAA
Round Rock       PCL     AAA
Sacramento       PCL     AAA
Salt Lake        PCL     AAA
Tacoma           PCL     AAA
Tucson           PCL     AAA
Vancouver        PCL     AAA
Coa Bend         AA      IND
El Paso          AA      IND
Fort Worth       AA      IND
Lincoln          AA      IND
Pensacola        AA      IND
Shreveport       AA      IND
Sioux Falls      AA      IND
St. Joe          AA      IND
St. Paul         AA      IND
Montgomery       AAA     IND
Tennessee        AAA     IND
Tyler            AAA     IND
Aberdeen         ATL     IND
Atlantic City    ATL     IND
Bridgeport       ATL     IND
Camden           ATL     IND
Lancaster        ATL     IND
Lehigh Val       ATL     IND
Long Island      ATL     IND
Nashua           ATL     IND
Newark           ATL     IND
Pennsylvnia      ATL     IND
Road Warriors    ATL     IND
Somerset         ATL     IND
Greenville       BSL     IND
Tennessee        BSL     IND
Brockton         CAN     IND
Elmira           CAN     IND
Grays            CAN     IND
Nashua           CAN     IND
New Haven        CAN     IND
New Jersey       CAN     IND
North Shore      CAN     IND
Quebec           CAN     IND
Sussex           CAN     IND
Worcester        CAN     IND
Calgary          CBL     IND
London           CBL     IND
Montreal         CBL     IND
Niagara          CBL     IND
Saskatoon        CBL     IND
Trois-Rivers     CBL     IND
Victoria         CBL     IND
Alexandria       CEN     IND
Amarillo         CEN     IND
Coa Bend         CEN     IND
Edinburg         CEN     IND
El Paso          CEN     IND
Fort Worth       CEN     IND
Jackson          CEN     IND
Ozark            CEN     IND
Pensacola        CEN     IND
Rio Grande       CEN     IND
San Angelo       CEN     IND
Shreveport       CEN     IND
Canton           FRO     IND
Chillicothe      FRO     IND
Cook Cty         FRO     IND
Dubois Cty       FRO     IND
Evansville       FRO     IND
Florence         FRO     IND
Gateway          FRO     IND
Johnstown        FRO     IND
Kalamazoo        FRO     IND
Kenosha          FRO     IND
London           FRO     IND
Mid-MO           FRO     IND
Ohio Valley      FRO     IND
Portsmouth       FRO     IND
Richmond         FRO     IND
River City       FRO     IND
Rockford         FRO     IND
Springfield      FRO     IND
Traverse Cy      FRO     IND
Washington       FRO     IND
Windy City       FRO     IND
Zanesville       FRO     IND
Chico            GOL     IND
Fullerton        GOL     IND
Japan            GOL     IND
Long Beach       GOL     IND
Mesa             GOL     IND
Reno             GOL     IND
San Diego        GOL     IND
Surprise         GOL     IND
Yuma             GOL     IND
Cook Cty         HBL     IND
Dubois Cty       HBL     IND
Lafayette        HBL     IND
Altoona          NAL     IND
Minneapolis      NCL     IND
Aces             NEL     IND
Adirondack       NEL     IND
Albany-Col       NEL     IND
Allentown        NEL     IND
Bangor           NEL     IND
Berkshire        NEL     IND
Brockton         NEL     IND
Catskill         NEL     IND
Elmira           NEL     IND
Mass             NEL     IND
New Haven        NEL     IND
New Jersey       NEL     IND
North Shore      NEL     IND
Quebec           NEL     IND
Waterbury        NEL     IND
Calgary          NOR     IND
Duluth-Sup       NOR     IND
Edmonton         NOR     IND
Fargo-Moor       NOR     IND
Gary             NOR     IND
Joliet           NOR     IND
Kansas City      NOR     IND
Lincoln          NOR     IND
Madison          NOR     IND
Rochester        NOR     IND
Schaumburg       NOR     IND
Sioux City       NOR     IND
Sioux City       NOR     IND
St Paul          NOR     IND
St Paul          NOR     IND
Thunder Bay      NOR     IND
Winnipeg         NOR     IND
Aberdeen         PRA     IND
Brandon          PRA     IND
Minneapolis      PRA     IND
Moose Jaw        PRA     IND
Regina           PRA     IND
Saskatoon        PRA     IND
Baton Rouge      SEL     IND
Houma            SEL     IND
Macon            SEL     IND
Pensacola        SEL     IND
Selma            SEL     IND
Abilene          TXL     IND
Alexandria       TXL     IND
Amarillo         TXL     IND
Corpus Chrs      TXL     IND
Edinburg         TXL     IND
Greenville       TXL     IND
Lafayette        TXL     IND
Lubbock          TXL     IND
Mobile           TXL     IND
Ozark            TXL     IND
Rio Grande       TXL     IND
San Antonio      TXL     IND
Sprng/ozark      TXL     IND
Tyler            TXL     IND
Alexandria       UNI     IND
Amarillo         UNI     IND
Edinburg         UNI     IND
Laredo           UNI     IND
Rio Grande       UNI     IND
San Angelo       UNI     IND
Bend             WES     IND
Chico            WES     IND
Feath River      WES     IND
Grays Harbor     WES     IND
Long Beach       WES     IND
Miss Viejo       WES     IND
Reno             WES     IND
Salinas          WES     IND
Solano           WES     IND
Sonoma Cty       WES     IND
St George        WES     IND
Tri-City         WES     IND
Valley           WES     IND
Yuba-Sutter      WES     IND
Yuma             WES     IND
Zion             WES     IND
Mexico           AZM     INT
Tecate           AZM     INT
Chunichi         CL      INT
Hanshin          CL      INT
Hiroshima        CL      INT
Yakult           CL      INT
Yokohama         CL      INT
Yomiuri          CL      INT
Brother          CPB     INT
China Trust      CPB     INT
Mercury          CPB     INT
President        CPB     INT
Samsung          CPB     INT
Weichuan         CPB     INT
Rimini           ITA     INT
Hiroshima        JDS     INT
Chiba            JEL     INT
Searex           JEL     INT
Seibu            JEL     INT
Yakult           JEL     INT
Yokohama         JEL     INT
Yomiuri          JEL     INT
Hyundai          KOR     INT
Samsung          KOR     INT
Sk               KOR     INT
Aguasc.          MEX     INT
Aguila           MEX     INT
Campeche         MEX     INT
Cancun           MEX     INT
Chetumal         MEX     INT
Cordoba          MEX     INT
Dos Laredos      MEX     INT
Industrials      MEX     INT
Jalisco          MEX     INT
Laguna           MEX     INT
Laredo           MEX     INT
Leon             MEX     INT
MC Reds          MEX     INT
Mexico           MEX     INT
Mexico City      MEX     INT
Minatitlan       MEX     INT
Monterrey        MEX     INT
Oaxaca           MEX     INT
Poza Rica        MEX     INT
Puebla           MEX     INT
Quintna Roo      MEX     INT
Reynosa          MEX     INT
Saltillo         MEX     INT
San Luis Pt      MEX     INT
Tabasco          MEX     INT
Tigres           MEX     INT
Tijuana          MEX     INT
Torreon          MEX     INT
Un. Laguna       MEX     INT
Vaqueros         MEX     INT
Veracruz         MEX     INT
Yucatan          MEX     INT
Chiba            PL      INT
Fukuoka          PL      INT
Kintetsu         PL      INT
Orix             PL      INT
Seibu            PL      INT
Kao-Ping         TAI     INT
Kao-Taichng      TAI     INT
Taipei           TAI     INT
Taipei-Chia      TAI     INT
Taipei           TML     INT
Chunichi         WL      INT
Fukuoka          WL      INT
Hanshin          WL      INT
Hiroshima        WL      INT
Kintetsu         WL      INT
Orix             WL      INT
Surpass          WL      INT
Toyo             WL      INT
Arizona          MLB     MLB
Atlanta          MLB     MLB
Baltimore        MLB     MLB
Boston           MLB     MLB
Chicago          MLB     MLB
Chicago          MLB     MLB
Cincinnati       MLB     MLB
Cleveland        MLB     MLB
Colorado         MLB     MLB
Detroit          MLB     MLB
Florida          MLB     MLB
Houston          MLB     MLB
Kansas City      MLB     MLB
La Angels        MLB     MLB
Los Angeles      MLB     MLB
Milwaukee        MLB     MLB
Minnesota        MLB     MLB
Montreal         MLB     MLB
New York         MLB     MLB
New York         MLB     MLB
Oakland          MLB     MLB
Phladelphia      MLB     MLB
Pittsburgh       MLB     MLB
San Diego        MLB     MLB
San Fran         MLB     MLB
Seattle          MLB     MLB
St.Louis         MLB     MLB
Tampa Bay        MLB     MLB
Texas            MLB     MLB
Toronto          MLB     MLB
Washington       MLB     MLB
Bluefield        APP     RK
Bristol          APP     RK
Burlington       APP     RK
Danville         APP     RK
Elizabethton     APP     RK
Greeneville      APP     RK
Huntington       APP     RK
Johnson City     APP     RK
Kingsport        APP     RK
Martinsvlle      APP     RK
Pikeville        APP     RK
Princeton        APP     RK
Pulaski          APP     RK
Wytheville       APP     RK
Angels           AZL     RK
Athletics        AZL     RK
BoSox/M's        AZL     RK
Brewers          AZL     RK
Cardinals        AZL     RK
Cubs             AZL     RK
Dbacks           AZL     RK
Giants           AZL     RK
Mariners         AZL     RK
Padres           AZL     RK
Rangers          AZL     RK
Rockies          AZL     RK
Rox/Cubs         AZL     RK
Royals           AZL     RK
Royals 2         AZL     RK
White Sox        AZL     RK
Angels           DSL     RK
Angels           DSL     RK
Angels           DSL     RK
Angels 1         DSL     RK
Angels 2         DSL     RK
A's 2            DSL     RK
A's East         DSL     RK
A's West         DSL     RK
Astros           DSL     RK
Astros/BoSox     DSL     RK
Astros/Brew      DSL     RK
Athletics        DSL     RK
Athletics        DSL     RK
Blue Jays        DSL     RK
Blue Jays 2      DSL     RK
Blue Jays E      DSL     RK
Braves           DSL     RK
Braves 2         DSL     RK
Brew/ChiSox      DSL     RK
Brewers          DSL     RK
Cardinals        DSL     RK
Co-Op            DSL     RK
Cubs             DSL     RK
Cubs/Padres      DSL     RK
Cubs/Rangers     DSL     RK
Dbacks           DSL     RK
Dbacks/Exp       DSL     RK
Devil Rays       DSL     RK
Dodgers          DSL     RK
Dodgers E        DSL     RK
Dodgers LP       DSL     RK
Dodgers N        DSL     RK
Dodgers W        DSL     RK
Dodgers/Pads     DSL     RK
Dodg-Rom         DSL     RK
Expos            DSL     RK
Giants           DSL     RK
Giants/O's       DSL     RK
Indians          DSL     RK
Indians 2        DSL     RK
Indians A        DSL     RK
Indians B        DSL     RK
Indians C        DSL     RK
Indians W        DSL     RK
Indians/Rsox     DSL     RK
La-Romano        DSL     RK
La-S.Doming      DSL     RK
Mariners         DSL     RK
Marlins          DSL     RK
Mets             DSL     RK
Mets 2           DSL     RK
Mets E           DSL     RK
Mets E           DSL     RK
Mets W           DSL     RK
Mets W           DSL     RK
Nationals        DSL     RK
Nationals 2      DSL     RK
Orioles          DSL     RK
O's/ChiSox       DSL     RK
Padres           DSL     RK
Pads/Jays        DSL     RK
Phillies         DSL     RK
Phils/Cards      DSL     RK
Phils/Cards      DSL     RK
Pirates          DSL     RK
Rangers          DSL     RK
Rays/Angels      DSL     RK
Red Sox          DSL     RK
Red Sox E        DSL     RK
Red Sox N        DSL     RK
Reds             DSL     RK
Rockies          DSL     RK
Royals           DSL     RK
Royals/Cubs      DSL     RK
Royals/Rox       DSL     RK
SD Rangers       DSL     RK
SP Angels        DSL     RK
SP Astros        DSL     RK
SP Braves        DSL     RK
SP Giants        DSL     RK
SP Orioles       DSL     RK
SP Red Sox       DSL     RK
Tigers           DSL     RK
Tigers/Cards     DSL     RK
Twins            DSL     RK
White Sox        DSL     RK
Yankees          DSL     RK
Yankees 2        DSL     RK
Yankees E        DSL     RK
Yankees W        DSL     RK
Yanks/Mets       DSL     RK
Yanks/Pads       DSL     RK
Astros           GCL     RK
Blue Jays        GCL     RK
Brad Jays        GCL     RK
Braves           GCL     RK
Cubs             GCL     RK
Devil Rays       GCL     RK
Dodgers          GCL     RK
Expos            GCL     RK
Indians          GCL     RK
Marlins          GCL     RK
Mets             GCL     RK
Nationals        GCL     RK
Orioles          GCL     RK
Phillies         GCL     RK
Pirates          GCL     RK
Rangers          GCL     RK
Red Sox          GCL     RK
Reds             GCL     RK
Royals           GCL     RK
Tigers           GCL     RK
Twins            GCL     RK
White Sox        GCL     RK
Yankees          GCL     RK
Billings         PIO     RK
Butte            PIO     RK
Casper           PIO     RK
Great Falls      PIO     RK
Helena           PIO     RK
Idaho Falls      PIO     RK
Lethbridge       PIO     RK
Med Hat          PIO     RK
Missoula         PIO     RK
Ogden            PIO     RK
Orem             PIO     RK
Pocatello        PIO     RK
Provo            PIO     RK
Aguirre          VZL     RK
Alianza          VZL     RK
Astros           VZL     RK
Cabudare         VZL     RK
Cagua            VZL     RK
Cardinals        VZL     RK
Carora           VZL     RK
Chino            VZL     RK
Chivacoa         VZL     RK
Ciu Alianza      VZL     RK
Ciudad           VZL     RK
Cocorote         VZL     RK
Guacara-1        VZL     RK
Guacara-2        VZL     RK
La Pradera       VZL     RK
La Victoria      VZL     RK
Maracay 2        VZL     RK
Maracay-1        VZL     RK
Mariara          VZL     RK
Mariners         VZL     RK
Mets             VZL     RK
Miranda          VZL     RK
Montalban        VZL     RK
O's/ChiSox       VZL     RK
Phillies         VZL     RK
Pirates          VZL     RK
Pt Cabello       VZL     RK
Reds             VZL     RK
S Joaquin 2      VZL     RK
San Felipe       VZL     RK
San Joaquin      VZL     RK
Tigers/Marlins   VZL     RK
Tronconero1      VZL     RK
Tronconero2      VZL     RK
Twins/Jays       VZL     RK
Universidad      VZL     RK
Venoco           VZL     RK
Venoco 2         VZL     RK
Yaritagua        VZL     RK
Bellingham       NWL     SS
Bend             NWL     SS
Boise            NWL     SS
Central Ore      NWL     SS
Eugene           NWL     SS
Everett          NWL     SS
Medford          NWL     SS
Portland         NWL     SS
Salem            NWL     SS
Sou Oregon       NWL     SS
Spokane          NWL     SS
Tri-City         NWL     SS
Vancouver        NWL     SS
Yakima           NWL     SS
Aberdeen         NYP     SS
Auburn           NYP     SS
Batavia          NYP     SS
Brooklyn         NYP     SS
Elmira           NYP     SS
Erie             NYP     SS
Geneva           NYP     SS
Glens Falls      NYP     SS
Hamilton         NYP     SS
Hudson Val       NYP     SS
Jamestown        NYP     SS
Lowell           NYP     SS
Mahoning         NYP     SS
New Jersey       NYP     SS
Newark           NYP     SS
Niagara Fls      NYP     SS
Oneonta          NYP     SS
Pittsfield       NYP     SS
Queens           NYP     SS
St Cath          NYP     SS
St College       NYP     SS
Staten Is        NYP     SS
Tri-City         NYP     SS
Utica            NYP     SS
Vermont          NYP     SS
Watertown        NYP     SS
Welland          NYP     SS
Williamsprt      NYP     SS