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Corey Wimberly Profile

Wimberly is the kind of slap-hitting waterbug secondbaseman that gets comparisons to Chone Figgins. It's not a terrible comparison. They have a lot in common stylistically and in general background. Their listed height/weight is almost identical. They're both switch-hitting natural second basemen who steal a lot of bases and have some versatility in the field. Esteban German is another name you could throw around with Wimberly.

There's not much power there and he'll have to work on the plate discipline to be able to make it in the Majors like Figgins and German. You also have to take into account the batting average inflating effects of playing in the California League.

On the positive side he has the base-stealing thing down. He stole a ton of bases at Alcorn State and rarely got caught. And he has some experience in centerfield and at thirdbase. Certainly, roto-leaguers should keep track of him. And if you're a Rockies fan, you might keep his name in mind as well. This kind of player isn't somebody I'd want to see get 600 at bats every season, especially if most of that playing time is coming at a power position like third or an outfield corner. But the Figgins brand utility speedster is extremely useful if mixed and matched at second and center, especially if your starters at those positions are fragile, suck, or have platoon issues. So bring on the speedy, scrappy guys as long as they can get on base. This is the crux of what could trip up Wimberly. If he doesn't draw walks and get on base, then he's Willie Bloomquist with less defensive value, which means that he's probably a utility player for the Sky Sox and not the Rockies.

All in all, Wimberly is a good find by the Rox in the 6th round and an interesting prospect. His ceiling is extraordinarily high. But if he gets there, he'll be fun to watch. And teams like to have players with this skill set around. So he'll probably get every opportunity to prove himself when the time comes.