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Tim Lahey RHP Cubs
Acquired from the Rays for 150K Lahey is an interesting arm from the Twins system, he's only 25 and last year had a 3.65 ERA spending 78.1 of his 81.1 innings pitched in AA. He's a reliever who may challenge for a Cubs' bullpen spot, but honestly I can't see him making it and I'd project him to be returned to the Twins.

Evan Meek RHP Pirates
This time last year he had just been dealt from the Padres to the Rays for Russell Branyan, now he's got the shot at a big league job. Paint me a bit skeptical that he's going to last as he walks far too many - more than four per nine last season in AA -  unless the Pirates can tweak something in him - and I don't mean his arm like most of their first round picks - I don't see him impacting them one bit, but he may just got stashed on their big league roster as a 12th reliever type.

Randor Bierd RHP Orioles
Perhaps the highest ranked pitcher in the draft, the Orioles will likely stash Bierd in their pen, frankly he can't be any worse than some of the guys they've brought back from the dead.

Jose Capellan LHP Giants
Not that Jose Capellan, this one is only 20 years old and has experience at such a high level as the New York Penn League.

Carlos Guevara RHP Marlins
Another highly thought of prospect heading into this draft he slipped a bit and had he went to an organization that didn't have such good pitching depth I would predict him to land a pen job. With the Marlins I'm not sure he will, but it's not like Billy Wagner or Mariano Rivera - heck even Todd Jones are walking through that door.

Sergio Valenzuela RHP Reds
Really not much to say here, Valenzuela mania isn't going to sweep Cincy.

Matt Whitney 3B Nationals
A guy who broke out for more than 30 homeruns last year, I figured some team would take a shot on him, just not the Nationals, particularly after acquiring yet another outfielder in the past week. Perhaps he's a pinch hitter for them though.

Wesley Wright LHP Astros
A potential replacement for Trever Miller it would seem, Wright actually did "better" against righties in the Arizona Fall League.

Fernando Hernandez RHP A's
Last year the A's plucked Jay Marshall in the Rule 5, this year Fernando Hernandez will likely be more successful. Described as "Matt Guerrier with attitude," Hernandez couldn't land a shot with one of the worst pens in the league up in Chicago for whatever reasons.

Brian Barton OF Cardinals
A week ago it looked like Barton was a lock for the Rays at number one, apparently the idea was to have the Padres "buy" the pick and take Barton. Maybe they were outbid by the Cubs, or perhaps Barton's knee isn't going as well as hoped?

Randy Wells RHP Jays
J.P. Riccardi loves stockpiling power arms, and Wells appears to be just that. 101 strikeouts in 95 innings at Iowa marked his third straight season of the feat, just to note that's also his third year with more than five innings pitched as well.

R.A. Dickey RHP Mariners
Remember when this guy was all the rage? I suppose the Mariners want to see his "Wild Thing" for themselves, but you wouldn't think Bavasi is nuts enough to contemplate having a 32 year old with no track record of success have a chance at a rotation or bullpen spot.

Steven Register RHP Mets
Seems like a filler pick, highly doubtful that Register makes the Mets, and when I say highly doubtful I mean no chance.

Michael Gardner RHP Padres
A few weeks ago SI had a story on Kevin Towers and the way he builds a bullpen; to put it in simple terms:

  1. Find odd, cheap relievers.
  2. Put them in increasingly higher leverage spots.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!
Gardner seems to fit that bill, and is yet again a White Sox reliever who didn't get a chance.

Travis Blackley LHP Phillies
A potential LOOGY candidate, reminds me a bit of what the Phillies tried doing last year - buying Bobby Livingston off of waivers - the move was later disallowed and Livingston would pitch well for the first half.

Garrett Guzman OF Nationals
The final Twin taken in the first round, but not the last player - or outfielder even - the organization would lose. Same story with Whitney, where can Bowden possibly store another outfielder?

Callix Crabbe 2B Padres
Not a very powerful hitter, Crabbe steals bases and walks, his .287/.377/.435 line in Nashville last year is on par with most of his career numbers - minus slugging - and it doesn't surprise me that Kevin Towers and Paul DePodesta are the masterminds behind this pick.

Lincoln Holdzkom RHP Phillies
The Phillies are hoping that Lincoln will rack up loads of Holdz next year. Sorry, bad joke I know, but Holdzkom's results from AA and AAA are encouraging if the Phils can stash him in the back of their pen - 63.2 IP, 54 H, 2.97 ERA, 1.54 WHIP is a tad bit scary though.