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I talked about Mark Prior not too long ago here, and today he signed a 1 year, 1 million dollar deal with the chance for him to earn five million. Simply put it's a very good deal for both sides, Prior goes home, gets to work with Bud Black, pitches in PETCO, and if he's healthy forms a heck of a rotation.

The Padres get a low risk, high reward starter to join Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Greg Maddux, and if they can stay healthy Randy Wolf and Prior. You'd expect above average performances (ERA+ of 120 and above) from Peavy and Young, and average (95-100) from Maddux and Wolf, but Prior is the wild card, if he can replicate his career average ERA+ 123 the Padres might have the best rotation in the league for the second straight year.

The risks here are Prior not pitching well or at all and losing the Pads a mere million, or Prior pitching extremely well and testing out the open market in 12 months and cashing in, but he seemed pretty deadset on pitching at home, I can't see him simply bolting on the Pads.