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A Question and Post

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We all know the difference between counting stats and rate stats - one telling the running total and a broad view and the other a per game or per nine average. With that in mind I raised a question to a good friend of mine, Jason Collette of Roto Junkie - do any statistics sites of his knowledge carry innings per start? He confirmed what I had theorized from my collection of usual sites - none did, but he also added that he used batters faced per start rather than innings pitched. That made sense to me, after all 100 innings from C.C. Sabathia is a lot different than 100 innings from Jae Seo.

So in part to make myself feel important and also to answer the question of which pitchers average the most innings on average as well as the least batters faced I present the pitchers with at least 100 innings pitched as a starter in 2007.

And without running the risk of cluttering too much space, here are the rest of the pitchers for your own clicking:
A few observations:

  • Sabathia is a horse, and a mighty fine steed at that. I knew he was dominant, but man, the Indians need to lock that guy down now.
  • Halladay is seemingly the least efficient top tier pitcher - at least when it comes to batters faced per start (7.1 x 4.11), however he still gets the job done with over 7 innings per start - impressive. Haren is the overall least efficient pitcher - this time through BP/IP - at around 4.20.
  • This rate stat can seemingly help identify who has pitch count concerns. A high BF/G with a low BB/9 and midrange to low IP/S seems to be a recipe for such.
Thoughts, concerns, suggestions?