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Dodgers Go East, Sign Kuroda

It really wouldn't be an off-season unless Ned Colleti decided to give more than one deal out that averaged out over 10 million per year.

Kuroda strikes out around 7 per nine, and walks less than 3, per scouting reports he has a good fastball and a really good splitter, although I've never seen him pitch for obvious reasons.

The deal is seemingly what Colleti would've paid for starting pitching at this point, and Kuroda looks like a much better option than either Kyle Lohse or Carlos Silva, so for the most part I think a team like the Dodgers could do worse.

As for the depth of the Dodgers rotation they now have Derek Lowe, Brad Penny, Chad Billingsly, Kuroda, Jason Schmidt, and Esteban Loiza to fill out a rotation that will surely suffer at least one injury this year. The move also allows the top left handed pitching prospect in the game, Clayton Kershaw, to develop for at least one more year before joining the ranks.

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