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Jim Edmonds to San Diego

It didn't take too long after Mike Cameron's agent said he wouldn't return to San Diego for Kevin Towers and company to get a replacement as the Pads sent minor league third baseman David Freese to the St. Louis Cardinals for Jim Edmonds.

Freese isn't all too special - 25, has yet to reach AA and doesn't have much defensive value apparently - but I guess he's not a bad bounty for Edmonds, this year likely being his final. Freese does walk, and with the Cards lacking any notable third base prospects, and seemingly getting close to deal Scott Rolen it wasn't a bad idea to get someone with some potential at being a major league player one day.

If Edmonds can stay healthy and rebound to his 2006 numbers the Padres will be delighted, in fact if he just repeats his 2006 season (.257/.350/.471 ) and splits time in center with Scott Hairston the team should be ecstatic. The problem of course Edmonds suffered nearly every injury known to man last year and I think all those years of hitting the grass, wall, and dirt is starting to show its signs on his body.

For now the deal looks pretty even, we'll see how it progresses as the season plays out.