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The Calm Before The Diamondbacks Storm

No fear, I have coverage coming on both of the Diamondbacks' huge deals, but for now this post analyzing the considerably "minor" deals from the day will have to suffice.

  • Twins sign Mike Lamb to a two year deal with a 2010 option.
  • Padres sign Glendon Rusch to a minor league deal.
  • Rockies sign Luis Vizcaino signs with the Rockies, 2 years / 7 million
Seems like a pretty good deal for the Twins, Lamb flew under the radar this off-season, but in Minnesota he'll provide a nice lefty bat, presumably at third base. If he can hit like either the .307/.361/.475 in 2006 or .289/.366/.453 last year the Twins will be tickled, but there's a problem; his road OPS suffered, which is somewhat interesting since Minute Maid has actually been a pitcher's park as of late. Bill Smith has had a busy off-season, and essentially has done so without trading any of his key chips - Joe Nathan or Johan Santana - and now Lamb to go along with their other off-season acquisitions in Delmon Young, probable second baseman Brendan Harris, and their new shortstop, the black hole in the field and at the plate, but for totally different reasons known as Adam Everett.

Not a huge deal, but if a pitcher is going to find success in the major leagues it's likely going to be in San Diego - combing Bud Black with PETCO Park has stronger effects than any drug or workout program ever could. Also I hope Rusch can have a full comeback after missing last season due to blood clots - scary stuff.

Finally Luis Vizcaino is a Rock - isn't it funny that the Rockies and Yankees essentially swapped set-up men? No? Well in that case I think the Rockies got the better end of the trade-off, Vizcaino's been solid five of the past six years and usually those type of trends won't just end.