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Trio of Inkings

Three recent moves:
Nats Sign Paul Lo Duca 1/3~5
Yanks Sign LaTroy Hawkins 1/3.75
Brewers Sign Eric Gagne 1/10

We'll begin with the Nationals, they signed Lo Duca to bolster their suddenly empty catcher cabinet, Lo Duca will probably start instead of former Rule 5 pick Jesus Flores, and should out hit Brian Schneider, but otherwise I'm not a huge PLD fan. Best case scenario for the Nats is Lo Duca tears up the first half and suddenly smart Jim Bowden can spin him for another toolsy outfielder.

Brian Cashman and company chose Hawkins over Luis Vizcaino - who stunningly wants Scott Linebrink money, dream high young man, dream high - it's a bit odd that the 35 year old Hawkins only wanted a one year deal, particularly with Ron Mahay and Troy Percival - both to his elder - wanting, and in Percival's case receiving multiple year deals, but perhaps LaTroy wants one more shot at a ring before calling it a career? On the field it's hard to imagine it's been so long since he was the Twins' closer of the future, but he's been a steady, above league average reliever since 2001, unfortunately for both the Yanks and Hawkins he allowed 63% groundballs last year, and the Yanks' infield defense is far from being the Rockies, for some reason I can see A-Rod and Hawkins sharing a goat title next year.

Finally a deal we alluded to over the weekend, the Brewers add yet another part to their reassembled bullpen, although compared to their other moves this one is far less thrifty. To be honest I have no clue what happened in Boston with Gagne, but I think he'll be more like Texas Gagne than Boston Gagne.