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Assorted Other Goodies

I recently was given a Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered account over at BP, and I posted my first blog entry in the wee hours of the morning.

This entry focuses on the directional batted-ball data of Coco Crisp from 2003-2006. It's a follow-up piece to the Covelli profile from last week.

I forced myself to finally take a look at this after Sons of Sam Horn started a thread discussing the Crisp profile, and I started to wonder about a statement made by one of the users, Vermonter at Large:

Crisp must pull the ball extremely to be successful from a power perspective. I'm sure he will be more effective in this way with his finger healed, but it still means that he is very vulnerable to high outside pitching - which seems to have been the main source of his increased K-rate last season. Remember that he walks at almost exactly the same rate as Pena, and at least Pena was able to put his bat on the ball on outside stuff for most of last season. He absolutely has to make adjustments like Pena did to take that constant outside busting away from opposing pitchers.

Interesting stuff, at least I think so anyways.