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Daily links

In addition to the usual content, here at BTB we want to start to publish any baseball links that we find interesting. The idea is that every day you'll be able to come to the BTB website and automatically get a link to some of the best of baseball on the web.

I'll kick off today.

Occassional BTB contributor, David Gassko, posted a very interesting piece at The Hardball Times yesterday on DIPS theory. David finds that a pitcher's peripheral stats do actually have some predictive effect on BABIP. This is cutting edge stuff and can be found here

Another worthwhile read on THT is Dave Studeman's article on regressing to the mean. If you're a stathead this will be bread and butter to you, but it is a fascinating read nevertheless.

One final thing. Tom Tango had an email exchange with MLB's Director of Stats. In that conversation  there were some exchanges about what data we analysts can expect to get out hands on in the future. If true there are exciting times ahead (and a lot of hard work). Here it is.