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News of the Weird Comes to the Padres

This story is funny.

So Jake Peavy (a favorite of mine) illegally double-parks his car at the Mobile airport. In this "Post 9/11" America, this is something that the police frown on. So an officer approaches him and tells him to move the car. He tells the officer "Write me a ticket" and followed with "Call a real cop." The officer arrests him. He's out on $350 bail with a Disorderly Conduct charge pending.

Now unless there's something more to it (which I doubt there is given the extremely low bail), the officer probably overreacted. Most of us have thrown out a smartass remark when we've been in a hurry. We don't usually get arrested for it.

The best part? Peavy was on his way to the Dominican Republic as part of a Christian mission. That immediately makes it fodder for Chuck Shepherd.