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Saturday reading

Ken Arneson offers his thoughts on Barry Zito in a three part series over at Catfish Stew. That link is to part three, which is by far the most interesting. Ken disects in detail Zito's pitching repetoire. It is probably one of the best scouting related article I have read in a long time so check it out.

Parts 1 and 2 are interesting reads too but if you read just one make sure it is part 3.

(Hat Tip: Tango)

Update [2007-1-13 9:33:34 by Marc Normandin]: The campaign has begun to increase Tim Raines' support for Cooperstown, as his first year on the ballot will be 2008. Keith Law, Joe Sheehan (second half of the article) and Rob Neyer all give their take this week. Neyer and Sheehan are both in support of Raines, and Law gives fans of his candidacy some hope:

I contacted 30 Hall of Fame voters to ask if they thought they would vote for Raines in next year's ballot. Of the 26 who responded with an answer, 17 said yes, they would probably or definitely vote for Raines. Seven said no, and two were unsure of their votes. Seventeen of 26 is 65 percent, and while selection bias makes this less than a meaningful sample, it's not that likely that we're off by a factor of two. Raines has a good shot to appear on more than half the ballots next year, which would make him a near-lock for an eventual election.