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Padres Run Diffferential

I was bored, so I put together a few run differential graphs and charts. This chart shows the number of runs the team has won and lost by and the number of games for each outcome. It is not the runs scored or runs allowed by themselves. I did this for a reason by the way, and when I stop being lazy you'll see why. For now, take a look at this random chart for the Padres:

They are 21-17 in one run games, and 6-5 in games decided by 7-9 runs. As shown by their lack of either hot or cold streaks, this team seems to grind out victories, especially when you see the sheer number of one run games they have been involved in. Quite interesting, especially if Peavy is able to turn it back on at some point, although I think his shoulder injury is going to limit him for the rest of the year.

This isn't my post for the day by the way, just something random to ponder. The Padres have no interesting traits to analyze within their run differential chart outside of the number of one run games they have played. A few other teams have some very interesting patterns that have developed that could use some explanation...I plan on getting to those at some point relatively soon.