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Daily Link Roundup: Deadline Edition

Look, the Daily Link Roundups back! It probably still won't be daily, but it'll be closer than the three months in between this one and the last one. That's enough, right? There are a few trade roundups around SB Nation that I think are worth reading, so I'll link them here.

First off, we have Charlie over at Bucs Dugout expressing his displeasure with the way Dave Littlefield handled his trades this weekend. I can't say I blame him; if this were any other job, Littlefield would have been fired and replaced and his mess swept under the carpet. We've seen the good that can come out of a regime change even for the lowliest of organizations; take a look at how well Tampa has done this year and this weekend acquiring young talent and promising players. Also notice that they didn't go out and sign retreads that clog up the positions, or trade one of their few talented and useful players for a failed starter/closer.

Secondly, we have Jeff Sackmann re-evaluating the Carlos Lee deal now that Kevin Mench is still wearing a Brewer uniform after the deadline. My opinion on this deal was positive for both sides, although the Rangers certainly made off better. My positive vibes for the Brewers hinged on the fact that I thought it impossible for Mench to remain a Brewer after Monday's deadline; I'd like to recant my previous feelings though, because the Brewers did not turn Kevin Mench into something more useful at present than either himself or Nelson Cruz, and thus wasted an opportunity to help the club out in the future. This is one of the few poor deals Doug Melvin has ever made as a general manager, and certainly the first poor one as Brewers GM.

Jason Varitek is heading to the disabled list for 4-6 weeks, which certainly puts a damper on Boston's already dampened chances at the division. Adam Morris just brightened up my day by reminding me via his blog that Rod Barajas may be available soon, and the Red Sox would certainly take a crack at that rather than go through Doug Mirabelli and Ken Huckaby halfway into September. Nothing against Mirabelli; just you know...Huckaby.

Eric Simon is excited because the Mets picked up Oliver Perez. I'm still a big fan of Perez, and if he can get back in shape and smooth out his mechanics, he'd be an incredible addition to the Mets rotation, especially considering its age. I think people forget that Perez is still only 24, and that his 2004 season was one of the more jaw dropping in recent memory.

Royals Review gives a nice once-over to the newly departed Royals. I think Dayton Moore did a decent job acquiring some talent at the deadline, although adding on Ryan Shealy when Justin Huber is still in the minors sort of confuses me. Both of them kill left-handed pitching, and Huber is younger with more upside. I wonder if Shealy is just here to play out a season only to be moved at the deadline next summer when everyone is more aware of what he is capable of. I thought Denny Bautista would turn out to be a better pitcher than he has been.

B.J. Upton and Ben Zobrist are both in the lineup for Tampa Bay tonight, and J.P. Howell is on the mound. I'm a bigger fan of Howell than most, and thought the Royals would have been well served to use him in the rotation this year, rather than guys like Scott Elarton and Co. He's been fantastic for the Durham Bulls since the trade for Joey Gathright:

J.P. Howell Durham Bulls Splits
Overall 38.3 .254 .310 .317 .627 .324 1.17 2.11 8.22 0.47 49.5% 18.1% 25.7% 20.6% 7.4%
vs LHB 9.7 .156 .229 .188 .416 .227 0.83 2.79 9.31 0.00 45.5% 18.2% 36.4% 0.0% 0.0%
vs RHB 28.7 .282 .333 .355 .688 .349 1.29 1.88 7.85 0.63 50.6% 18.1% 22.9% 26.9% 10.5%

He's been keeping the ball on the ground, inducing a great number of pop-ups, and striking out over eight guys per nine innings with very good control and few homeruns allowed. You really cannot ask for much more out of a pitcher. There's a good chance Howell can slot in behind Scott Kazmir to give the DRays an effective 1-2 punch for the future, although Howell is currently filling in for Kazmir, who is on the disabled list for rest reasons more than any long term serious issues.

Grant over at McCovey Chronicles gives his take on the Giants at the deadline, with the help of some wonderful pictures. As always with Grant, it's something you just need to see.