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Links To Everywhere

I figured I'd throw out an update on my recent work around the web...

I have an article up at Baseball Digest Daily today. It deals with Pedro Martinez's hard luck season so far (not counting tonight's pummeling -- undeserved hard luck). Make sure to check it out.

I also have a Prospectus Notebook piece up on the Blue Jays and their pitching situation. Tomorrow a Padres notebook should run, and then Friday there should be a Rockies notebook. I'm keeping busy. Next Tuesday I'll be filling in for Jay Jaffe again for the Prospectus Hit List (Thanks Jay). Also, give some love to fellow SBn'er and friend of BtB Jeff Sackmann, who is just as active as I am within the Prospectus Notebook pages.

Update [2006-6-29 16:30:31 by Marc Normandin]: Speaking of Jeff, here are the two of us in today's Prospectus Notebook.