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Daily Link Roundup: 4/7/2006

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Normally on Thursdays we should have the BtB power rankings that Dan Scotto calculates, but since there are less than a week's worth of games to mess with, Dan wanted to wait an additional week, which makes sense. Make sure to check that out next Thursday.

On to the links...starting with another self-pimpage. I can't help it ok...

Wednesday I had a Prospectus Notebook piece go up on Shawn Chacon, and a few things we need to watch out for this season in regards to his performance. I don't get to see Yankees games all the time, so if any readers who do get that opportunity would like to share with me how Chacon looks (pitch selection, how he's getting outs, whether by popup, flyball, groundball, etc.) I would appreciate it greatly.

Cliff Corcoran, over at the excellent Bronx Banter, broke down my analysis for his readers. I haven't understood the pessimism towards Chacon, just like Bronx Banter readers, but I may be biased since I've been watching for this trend to continue since July. Thanks to Cliff for his post.

David Pinto notes that if you're wearing the chain mail that Barry Bonds has on at the plate, you shouldn't be given a walk for a beaning. Thoughts?

Lee Sinins' Around the Majors report for April 7th is up and running.

Bad news and good news with this next one. Obviously, the bad news is that Eric Gagne needs to have elbow surgery again. The good news? Well, it isn't really good news, unless your name is Danys Baez and you're infatuated with having an opportunity to close. Oh, and if you are "that guy" in fantasy baseball who drafts the next-in-line closers for teams rather than wasting draft picks on the Gagne's of the world in the 5th round. Kudos to you.

I was recently given a chance to read Charles Euchner's The Last Nine Innings. I've enjoyed what I've read so far, but I'm not sure if I have the time to review the book here. We'll see how my schedule plays out. In the meantime, check out Jeff's take on the book over at Brew Crew Ball.

I just recently started to delve into The Book, by Tom Tango, Andy Dolphin, and Mitchel Litchman. What I have read so far is quite impressive, and I can't wait to get some time to read more of it. I mention this for two reasons: If you don't already have it, get it, and here is an excerpt from the book that appears at The Hardball Times today.

You may have noticed that we had two new bloggers this week, John Beamer and Mike Pindelski. The links in their names lead to their debut pieces, so if you haven't taken a look at their work, be sure to do so. John's was linked at Baseball Think Factory for discussion, and there has already been discussion within the comments, so contribute to that if you'd like. Mike should have another post up relatively soon, which I'm looking forward to.

BtB'er Richard Wade recently had his own blog linked in the San Francisco Gate. If you don't already read Friar Faithful, you really should. Richard and Lance do an excellent job over there, and help keep me up to date on the Padres that I seem to have developed a soft spot for over the years.

And finally, I have a pretty cool new writing gig on the Internet, but until it is active, I'm probably going to keep quiet about it. I'm excited about it though. Enjoy your day, and the games this evening.