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Daily Link Roundup: 4/5/2006

I had a day off from work yesterday, so I was finally able to enjoy a few baseball games. Of course tonight I have work and then studying to do, so I won't get to watch too much. Which is a shame, as I saw three great games yesterday.

In one of those games I've finally decided who I think my favorite Brewers player is. It has been an issue since they dealt Lyle Overbay for me to find a new favorite Brew Crew member, but I think James Hardy might be the one to fit the bill. J.J. Hardy looked excellent in the second half last year (.308/.363/.503/.994 after the All-Star break), and has hit well in two games (I know, I know) so far this year. Plus, John Dewan has him ranked as the eighth best defensive shortstop in the game last year, coming in at +10. What's not to love?

Speaking of some of my favorite up and coming players, Kevin Goldstein sat down with Dustin Pedroia a few days back for an interview. It's an interesting look at a player who is potentially one of the best second basemen in the league, if that is the position he ends up playing anyways. He's capable of success at both middle infield positions, but I want to see how his bat translates to the majors. We might get a chance for that later this year.

Craig Burley wrote a very interesting article at The Hardball Times yesterday analyzing the gap in talent (that is only growing wider) between the American League and the National League. I think it would be interesting if someone took a look at when the gap in talent may have started to become significant, and watch it develop from there in the article to see just how much things have changed as of late (if they have really changed that much at all anyways).

Be sure to check out the Around the Majors blog by Lee Sinins. The ATM reports are a really good source of news, and it covers a lot of roster moves that I might otherwise miss simply searching around for them.

I didn't miss injuries like this one though. As someone who still has a Nomar jersey in their closet (It doesn't fit me anymore...meeeeeeeemories), I feel bad for the guy, as he spends more time rehabbing injuries than he does time on the field. A lot of people asked me how the hell could I pick the Padres to win the NL West when the Dodgers were so much better on paper. Well, I'm not sure 1/3 of the Dodgers is going to beat the Padres in the long run, although the Friar's have some injury issues of their own at the moment.

By the way, if you haven't checked out True Blue LA yet, be sure to do so. Not only does it complete the SB Nation baseball family, but it looks like its going to turn into a pretty good website.

Let's Go Tribe reports the C.C. Sabathia DL stint, as well as the trade of Kaz Tadano to the A's. Blez should probably interview Beane again to find out why he all of a sudden can't stop making trades.

And finally, Rob Neyer's has released details about his new book through Maury Brown at The Hardball Times. Considering the section on my bookshelf covered in Neyer books, I'll be sure to grab a copy once they come in at work.

I'll have an article up a little bit later today, so be sure to check back. And tomorrow we'll have the second of two new writers post on one of the topics listed here. Enjoy the games today!