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Daily Link Roundup: 4/2/2006

I was recently interviewed by Scott Andera of the Palm Beach Post about my background with statistics, where I think stats are going, and various other items. Much to my surprise, Bill James was also involved, as was friend of BtB Dave Studeman. I'm sort of awed to be involved in anything with those two, so I'd appreciate if you take a look at it. It is the first time I've been interviewed by a newspaper (or anyone, really). I'd like to thank Scott Andera for considering me for this very well done piece.

Joe Hamrahi recently interviewed David Pinto for Baseball Digest Daily. Make sure to give that a look, as the Probabilistic Model of Range system is one that is referred to here very often (and is one I am still attempting to learn the intricacies of).

My own work for Baseball Digest Daily has been limited as of late, due to my decision to tackle the team previews, but I did find time to write predictions for each team, as well as my thoughts on the winners of the MVP, Cy Young, and Jackie Robinson Awards. I understand this is a very Marc oriented link dump, but that is just going to happen on occasion.

The Rangers traded David Dellucci to the Phillies, in exchange for Robinson Tejeda and Hank's brother Jake Blalock. Friday, the Rangers acquired John Koronka and John Rheineker in a three team deal. And for the last bit of Rangers news, Adam Eaton elected to have surgery on his finger. More on that later today.

I'm not sure I like this Dellucci trade, but that is because I think they need his OBP in the lineup. The Rangers have had a problem in the past of not having enough on-base percentage to go around, and Dellucci helped to solve that, giving them a very good hitter at the top of the order. I think this means Laynce Nix is taking over in centerfield, which I am not a fan of in any way, shape or form. I'm pretty sure Jon Daniels is attempting to make me lose my mind, because I can't decide if I like him or not.

I am not a fan of the Jose Contreras extension. I wanted to see how he did without El Duque there, if he could maintain his effectiveness for more than half a season, and if he's really 34. Kenny Williams has done a lot of good things this winter to improve this team, but I don't think extending Contreras contract is one of them. Unless he plans on trading him afterward and the other team needed to know he would be under contract. In that case, kudos.

The Around the Majors Report for April 2, 2006 is up.

Beyond the Boxscore has picked up two additional writers, both of whom should start this coming week. I'd link you to their sites, but I'd rather keep you in suspense.

And one last thing, we posted a multitude of team previews yesterday, and we'll have more on the way. I won't finish all of them before Opening Day (really?), but I'll continue to plug away during the first week of the season. I need something to write about need to make an ass of myself trying to work with a week's worth of data.

Tonight is the first game of the year. I'll be watching on, which is quite possibly one of the greatest inventions ever. Enjoy your respective opening days; I'll be working during my own team's game.