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More Previews! More roundtables!

On Edit: Part two of the roundtable can be found here, at South Side Sox

Without actually posting anything at BtB today, I will give you three items that I either wrote or contributed to. That way, you still get your daily dose of Marc. Aren't you excited?

First off, here is the first portion of the American League Central Roundtable, posted at Twinkie Town. I am hosting all six divisional roundtables, and they are coming along quite nicely. If you have any questions you would like me to ask in regards to the National League's divisions (since I have not moderated those yet) feel free to e-mail me or leave them in the comments section here.

Second, and something I'm very excited about, Baseball Digest Daily has relaunched with a new look, new writers, and of course, more of myself. I've been given my own column, Inside the Numbers. For my first two pieces, I analyzed the Kansas City Royals spending this offseason. The first of these is focused on their rotation, and the second focused on the position players. It is not a full review of the team like the ones I have posted here, but I do cover most of the positions and players, meaning that is my contribution to the team reviews for KC. Tomorrow I will have the team review for another AL Central team up.

I hope that you make Baseball Digest Daily part of your daily reading. I should be contributing once a week or so. The other content is excellent as well; site owner and fellow SB Nation blogger Joe Hamrahi gets a good number of interviews with the likes of Kevin Goldstein, Rob Neyer, Bill James, John Schuerholz, Roger McDowell, and various others. Definitely a site that I am excited to have back online.