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Baseball Musings Pledge Drive

Baseball Musings is holding its annual March pledge drive. I hope that you would stop by and make a donation in order to help the site keep running.

David Pinto has brought us the Day by Day Database, the Probabilistic Model of Range charts and tables, the recently created Lineup Analysis tool, the Baseball Musings Radio Show, and of course, daily news and multiple updates. All David is asking for is $1:

All it takes is $1. If every one who visits the site this month gives that much, Baseball Musings can run for a year. If every one gave $10, I could run the site indefinitely.

A great deal of the statistics used on this website are found thanks to Baseball Musings's database, so I'll be sure to donate to David's cause. Basically, his site makes this site better. I hope that many of you will do the same. Help support one of the best baseball blogs around!

I'll have the Yankees positional players preview up tomorrow afternoon after my classes. Make sure to check back.