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Daily Link Roundup: 3/30/2006

Ok, so the second day of the Daily Link Roundup never materialized, but that was due to the fact that we posted two team previews. Today, we'll try again.

Lee Sinins has moved his Around the Majors reports to a new blog with the same name. ATM Reports will be his new outlet, and Lee plans on providing commentary to go along with the reports. If you don't already own a copy of his recently renamed "Complete Baseball Encyclopedia", you should certainly consider it. I'm excited to get my hands on a copy for 2006.

Grady Sizemore signed an extension with the Indians for six years, $23 million (as well as a seventh year option). Here is what I had to say about Sizemore in my Indians preview:

Center Field
2005: Grady Sizemore .289/.348/.484; +9.04 pNRAA; +14.28 pNRAA/GP

2006: Grady Sizemore .286/.350/.467; +13.55 pNRAA; +20.05 pNRAA

This projected growth seems about right for Sizemore at age 23. The Indians should lock him up through his arbitration years, and knowing the way the organization is run, they most likely will do that soon. Rate shows Sizemore to be a tad below average, while Gassko's fielding system finds him to be a smidge above. PMR has him ranked 18th in range and 5th in Runs Saved per 27 outs. Oddly enough, Jason Michaels is third overall in centerfield range. With the way I reference these three defensive systems, maybe adding on additional stats and the Fielding Bible's knowledge isn't a good idea. By not a good idea, I mean I need it to happen.

Sizemore has a capable bat for centerfield; considering the league average EqA for center was .261 in 2005, and Sizemore's was .298, I think we can safely classify him as one of the best at his position. if not now then after this season.

Even if Sizemore stays at his current level of play, he's considered one of the better centerfielders out there, and the Indians are not paying him all that much per season. If he turns into the superstar player that many envision, well then kudos to Mark Shapiro for locking up yet another young player to a bargain deal.

By the way, I'm taking full responsibility for the Indians re-upping Sizemore, because its obvious from the first line of my Sizemore preview that I gave Shapiro the idea ;-)

Mark Willis-O'Connor of Bluebird Banter recently took part in a roundtable with the Toronto Star, alongside bloggers from Blue Jay Way and Batters Box. Congratulations to Mark for teaming up with the local Jays media. If you don't read Bluebird Banter, you should, as Mark and Alpheus Chan do a great job covering the Jays news, as well as working on historical stuff.

Lance Richardson contributed three entries in the Padres Top-100 list over at Friar Faithful The link is to #95, the latest entry.

Nate Silver starts the PECOTA projected standings over at Baseball Prospectus. Always interesting to see what PECOTA spits out for team analysis, although I still prefer it on a player level.

BtB is loaded with content this week. Since Wednesday we've posted the Rangers positional players preview, the Athletics positional players preview, the Brewers pitching preview (authored by Jeff Sackmann, the Cubs pitching preview (authored by Derek Smart), the Cardinals pitching preview (authored by Ryan Van Bibb, and the last portion of the American League West Roundtable, which centers on projected standings.

From today through Sunday, you can expect more pitching previews, the National League positional previews, an interview with Will Carroll covering this year's Team Health Reports, BtB's predictions, my passing out from fatigue, and whatever else we think of. Next week we'll start with the season oriented features, and we'll have some book reviews and interviews to post as well. Enjoy your day!