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Molina Signing Analysis

I was planning on writing about Bengie Molina, one of the last "big" free agents, signing with Toronto, but I figured I might as well let Bluebird Banter, home of the Blue Jays website here at SB Nation, tell you about it instead. Mark Willis-Connor wrote the article, and he is a knowledgeable Jays fan, so go with his opinion. In summary as far as my own opinion goes, I don't understand the move since they already have Gregg Zaun, who I feel is a better catcher, especially considering he is being paid a few million less to do so. It is my hope that Molina is dealt at midseason for help elsewhere, but that might just be due to my liking of Zaun. I should have something else later today or tomorrow for you folks, but for now, enjoy the other goodies that SB Nation has to offer.