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All Work and No Baseball Make Marc Something, Something...

Hello there everyone. I've been compiling information to start the team preview series here at BtB in my free time, which has been short as of late. For example, I had classes all morning and early afternoon, and now I am off to work until the late evening. Rinse and repeat tomorrow, but with a research paper thrown into the mix somehow. I will have something new up before I go to bed tonight, so either late tonight or tomorrow there will be something new to read. I, seriously. There will be something. If anyone has any preference as to what they would like to see, or anything they want me to check up on, please say so in the comments section or via e-mail. is the address for those who do not know.

On Edit: Apparently what I meant was that I would post something after 1 p.m. on Wednesday. For now, check out the comments section on Cyril Morong's last post in regards to lineup structure. Ken Arneson did some work with it over at Catfish Stew today, and that is what kept me from getting anything substantial done over here. Ryan from The Pastime also did some work using numbers from the lineup optimization post. I'm intrigued from way too many directions at the moment.